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Since its foundation in 2008, ITechGrup is a market leader in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The amount of value provided by our multidisciplinary teams, for their knowledge, certification and experience in different sectors, make projects and their management carried out with talent. Free Software, Security, Identity management, with products and solutions as prestigious Suse, Novell and NetIQ, along with Smart City solutions for local government are intrinsic items of the daily work of our teams.

The headquarters of ITechGrup is located in the technology district 22 @. Working  at 22 @ allows us to create networks and to collaborate actively in innovative projects. We have several offices and teams of professionals in Catalonia, the Basque Country and Madrid.

ITechGrup is located in a halfway  space between of big and micro ICT companies. In this way, ITechGrup becomes an encounter and collaborative point between ICT companies. In this context of collaboration, flexibility, proximity and good practices are our priority.

ITechGrup offers valuable products and services in consulting, support, training and engineering. Responding to current needs and being prepared for the future applying processes, certifications, return on investment, efficiency and effectiveness. This attitude is always translated into improved productivity and competitiveness of our customers.

Pere Martínez