Systems, Networking and Comunications

Our hardware solutions are those that affect the hardware (servers, workstations, etc.)., ITechGrup subdivided into the following three areas:

  • Integration servers, basically focusing on solutions for iSeries (AS/400) and xSeries (based on Intel/AMD) of IBM, that due to its versatility allows running any application.
  • Storage, external mass storage units based solutions for TotalStorage of IBM and controlled by SAN Volume Controller (SVC).
  • Appliances, predefined solutions combining hardware and software: firewall, mail server, web server, etc.
Possibly the area of ​​communications is, in the computer world, which suffers changes acelerats. It is therefore essential for ITechGrup to have business partners better positioned and, above all, remains formed continuously. Thus, we have divided our solutions in three different sectors:

  • Wired, we consider all the components of traditional electronic network, hubs, switching, routing, etc.
  • Wireless, with communication speeds even lower than traditional cable, but they bring great value to mobility, both in open spaces like indoors.
  • Telefonia IP, the progressive integration of voice over data with guaranteed bandwidths are changing the world las telephone switchboards.

Some references